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Alternatives to Bankruptcy in California

Exploring Your Options

Many people are hesitant to file bankruptcy and want to look into other debt relief options. Because some solutions are more effective than others, it is important that you analyze your options with an experienced Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer so you thoroughly understand the ramifications of your ultimate choice.

At RHM LAW LLP, we are committed to helping individuals and small businesses overcome their financial problems. Recognizing the strain that debt puts on our clients, we work to help people in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California get back on track with their finances. During a 30-minute risk-free consultation, we can help you weigh your alternatives.

Considering Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Our attorneys will discuss all your bankruptcy alternatives with you, including:

We are dedicated to helping you find a debt relief solution that fits your needs. However, we also want to make sure the method you choose does not do more harm than good. Some options, such as debt consolidation, are not guaranteed to protect you and can actually open you up to more financial trouble. Our lawyers will help you understand your options and find one that suits your needs.

Some people who choose a bankruptcy alternative eventually discover they are unable to afford the payment plan they have opted for. They may end up filing bankruptcy down the road anyway. Before you make your choice, consider that bankruptcy provides protection under the law and provides freedom from creditor harassment.

Experienced Legal Guidance

To weigh the pros and cons of bankruptcy and its alternatives, speak with our experienced debt relief attorneys in Los Angeles. We proudly serve clients in San Fernando Valley and throughout Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange Counties.

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Committed to making the process as stress-free as possible for our clients, our Los Angeles bankruptcy attorneys and dedicated staff will handle everything for you. From filling out paperwork through getting end results, we will work to help your case run smoothly and efficiently. We serve our clients in English, Spanish and Farsi.