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There is not actually a Chapter 20 bankruptcy in the bankruptcy code. It is a term used to describe filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy first and then filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy — 7 + 13 = 20. While Chapter 20 bankruptcies are not as common as they once were, they can still provide significant benefits to people in certain circumstances. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy and have questions, our Chapter 20 bankruptcy lawyers in Los Angeles are here to help. RHM LAW LLP provides experienced bankruptcy counsel for clients throughout the Los Angeles area.

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How Can Chapter 20 Bankruptcy Help?

The aim of a Chapter 20 bankruptcy is to eliminate as much debt as possible in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and then restructure remaining debt into a manageable payment plan through Chapter 13. You can even remove liens that were not discharged in a prior bankruptcy.

Chapter 20 bankruptcies can provide multiple layers of debt protection, as there are certain types of debt that can only be discharged in a Chapter 13 case.

What are Chapter 20 Bankruptcy Pitfalls

There are impediments to Chapter 20 bankruptcy, mainly due to the time restrictions for subsequent bankruptcy filings. Bankruptcy law requires that you wait four years after completion of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy before filing for a Chapter 13.

There is also a tendency among judges to view Chapter 20 bankruptcies with skepticism. For a judge to allow subsequent bankruptcy filings, he or she may need to be convinced that you are acting in good faith.

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies and can help you understand if filing for Chapter 20 is right for you.

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