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Bankruptcy Mandatory Disclosures in California

Information Your Bankruptcy Attorney Must Tell You

Congress requires all bankruptcy attorneys to provide certain information to individuals, business owners, and corporations considering filing bankruptcy. At RHM LAW LLP, we thoroughly understand and comply with all bankruptcy laws. Below is an overview of some mandatory disclosures.

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Bankruptcy Relief Basics

Bankruptcy is a legal way for individuals and businesses to avoid paying their debts. The Bankruptcy Code is divided into chapters, with the most common being Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all or nearly all your debt is discharged, while in Chapter 13, you repay a portion of your debt over a period of time. Chapters 11 and 12 are also available.

Once you file bankruptcy, an automatic stay generally goes into effect. This means most lawsuits, foreclosures, repossessions, evictions, garnishments and creditor harassment must stop immediately.

Credit counseling is a mandatory part of filing bankruptcy. You must complete one course prior to filing bankruptcy and another after filing. The credit counselor must be approved by the Office of the U.S. Trustee.

You Are Not Required to Hire an Attorney

To pursue bankruptcy relief, you may file on your own, hire an attorney to represent you or seek the assistance of a bankruptcy preparer who is not a lawyer. By law, an attorney or bankruptcy preparer must provide a written document specifying what services he or she will provide and how much his or her services will cost you.

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