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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Businesses Top-Rated Attorneys in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Chapter 7 Business Bankruptcy Lawyer

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Business?

If you are a small business owner who faces mounting business debt and cash flow problems, RHM LAW LLP may be able to help you with debt relief for business owners.

We are an experienced bankruptcy firm that has enabled many individuals and business owners in the Los Angeles area to obtain debt relief. Many of the business owners we have worked with have been able to keep their businesses. In these cases, we lifted their debts while protecting their personal property. In the end, our clients were able to gain financial breathing room and put their businesses on firm financial ground.

To schedule a 30-minute risk-free consultation, simply contact our Los Angeles Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys today. RHM LAW LLP wants to help you take control of your financial future.

Benefits of Chapter 7 Debt Relief for Businesses

In a 30-minute risk-free consultation, an attorney at RHM LAW LLP can discuss your financial situation and recommend the best option. For some small business owners, it may mean filing as an individual under Chapter 13. For others, it may mean a Chapter 7 filing.

Filing for Chapter 7 can provide several benefits for businesses:

  • As soon as we file, debt collection actions against you stop. This can include repossession of properties and constant creditor harassment for debt collection.
  • Working with the court, we develop a plan designed to eliminate your debts. Debts such as back rent, personal loans, and debts to suppliers and vendors can be eliminated.

However, there are certainly risks that come with filing for Chapter 7 for businesses. We can help you weigh your options and determine whether Chapter 7 is right for your business situation.

Can I Keep My Business If I File for Chapter 7?

Each business bankruptcy is different. In some cases, the Court will order a complete liquidation of the business. In other cases, however, the business owner can retain control of the business or its assets. If you obtain business debt relief through Chapter 7, you and can continue to operate your business.

A lawyer at RHM LAW LLP can examine your situation and discuss your options with you. We will do everything possible to allow you to keep your business.

Trusted by Businesses Across Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys have worked with businesses of many types. Whether you are a sole owner, a member of a limited partnership, or a principal shareholder in a small business, we can provide you with the advice and representation that’s right for you.

For a 30-minute risk-free consultation with RHM LAW LLP, give us a call at (213) 344-0043. Our firm serves clients in the Los Angeles area and San Fernando Valley through offices in Encino and Los Angeles.

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