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Resnik Hayes Moradi partner Jon Hayes and Associate Pardis Akhavan represented a creditor claiming fraud by an unlicensed contractor. After a four day trial and post-trial briefing, the bankruptcy court ruled that the creditor had established that she was misled by an unlicensed contractor and was awarded damages of $177,000. Once judgment is entered, the firm will seek an additional award of attorney's fees and costs. The bankruptcy court said:

"Thus, Plaintiffs have demonstrated by a preponderance of the evidence that the damages that they suffered from Defendant’s false representations are $99,548 paid in compensation to Defendant for unlicensed construction work, which must be returned to Plaintiffs pursuant to California Business & Professions Code § 7031(b), and the $78,000 lost equity for the value of the two houses which were demolished for the project."

A copy of the court's findings of facts can be accessed here:

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