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Are you facing serious debt problems due to identity theft? This is a criminal as well as a financial matter. The criminal aspects need to be handled by the police. For help resolving your debt problems, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can be of great assistance.If you have questions about bankruptcy and identity theft, the lawyers at Simon Resnik Hayes LLP, are here to offer sound legal guidance. We have helped numerous clients throughout the Los Angeles area resolve their debt problems. Contact us online for a free consultation with a California bankruptcy lawyer. It could be your first step on the road to debt relief.

How Are Bankruptcy and Identity Theft Linked?

Bankruptcy and identity theft are becoming more and more closely linked. Criminals who open lines of credit in other people’s names are in some cases filing for bankruptcy under the victim’s name as well. It is a common bankruptcy myth that you cannot get credit after filing for bankruptcy. In fact, credit offers may come pouring in, because creditors know you cannot file for bankruptcy again for several years. The identity thief can benefit greatly from these new lines of credit. The interest rates are typically very high, but that does not matter to the person who has stolen your identity.

If your credit has been ruined due to identity theft, you should explore all the legal options available to you. First, contact law enforcement officials, because you are the victim of a crime. For help exploring your debt relief options, our bankruptcy attorneys are here for you. We have extensive experience helping people throughout the Los Angeles area filing for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.