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Those looking to file for bankruptcy typically look for every way to save as much money as possible, and hiring an attorney may seem counterintuitive for many people. Below, our California debt relief team outlines some of the top reasons why hiring an attorney to assist in the bankruptcy process can be beneficial.

Planning and Preparation

No one should ever jump into a bankruptcy case without planning ahead and fully understanding the process.

The first thing an attorney can help you with is deciding which type of bankruptcy will best suit you. As a team who is familiar with both types of bankruptcy, Chapters 7 & 13, we can weigh all the factors and determine which is right for your situation.

Once you do decide to file, there is a lot of preparation that goes into properly starting the process. First, bankruptcy paperwork requires highly detailed information regarding your debts, income, assets, and property. Even the smallest mistake can mean serious issues like delays or even having your case dismissed entirely. An attorney can help you properly complete all the paperwork, organize your supporting documents, and more.

Representation in Court

Bankruptcy is a legal process overseen by federal laws and federal courts, making it important to know and comply with all laws and court procedures. You will also need to communicate with the bankruptcy trustee assigned to your case, and possibly, the judge.

Experienced legal representation can make sure that all testimony is accurate and represent you at the meeting of creditors and necessary court hearings. A lawyer will know all the necessary requirements for a discharge and will protect your interests throughout the entire process. If any issues do arise, an attorney has the knowledge to alleviate the impact on your case.

Legal Guidance Post-Bankruptcy

In some cases, creditors may ignore a debt discharge and continue to attempt collection on a discharged debt or even report late payments on your credit. Your lawyer will be able to petition the court for relief to put a stop to this type of situation.

As a bankruptcy firm, we have seen how the process can affect filers as they deal with life after filing. At RHM LAW LLP, our aim is to not only help you get rid of debt, but make sure you are set up for long-term financial success.

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