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Bank of America Foreclosure Lawsuit

Abraham and Betty Jean Morrow’s lawsuit against Bank of America is back on track after the Montana Supreme Court reversed most of a district judge’s ruling that dismissed their foreclosure-related case.

Bank Representatives Acted Negligently and Fraudulently

The couple filed a lawsuit against Bank of America, claiming that bank representatives acted negligently and fraudulently when they tried to refinance their mortgage. Business problems left the Morrows unable to afford the monthly mortgage payments of $2,300 of their home and 50 acres of land in Meagher County.

Told They Would Qualify for HAMP

When they sought help at Bank of America, they allege a bank representative advised them to skip a payment and that by doing so they would qualify for the federal Home Affordable Mortgage Program (HAMP). But the bank alleges that no record of that conversation exists.

Believed They Were Participating in HAMP

The couple also allege they made reduced payments on their mortgage, believing they were participating in HAMP. They were shocked when the bank then tried to foreclose on their home. According to Lee Newspapers of Montana, an injunction blocked the foreclosure.

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Source: Miami Herald, Court allows couple’s foreclosure case to proceed, May 8, 2014

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